Michelle Lynn Cangelosi

Vice President of Transformational Philanthropy.

About Me

Michelle Cangelosi is an experienced senior executive with more than 25 years of experience, including various leadership positions in nonprofit, government, and education. Cangelosi specializes in building and developing relationships with various entities, public and private, in the knowledge areas of international relations, water and sanitation, program management, and partnership negotiation. A current resident of The Villages, Florida, Cangelosi’s current role is Vice President of Transformational Philanthropy for Heifer International.

Current Professional Experience

Michelle Lynn Cangelosi joined Heifer International in May of 2021. As the VP of Transformational Philanthropy, she is directly responsible for crafting and implementing strategies for foundation giving and major gifts. Heifer International is a global nonprofit organization committed to stamping out hunger and poverty by helping families build sustainable food and farming businesses that strengthen rural economies. Based in Little Rock, Arkansas, Heifer International has provided livestock and education to nearly 40 million families in over 125 countries since its inception in 1944. It currently has programming in 21 countries and assists approximately 1 million farming families annually through its work to close the living income gap.

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